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New features in v1.0.314

Posted by Siavash Mahmoudian on 05/18/2017

Hi Everybody!

I've added tons of new stuff since 2 days ago. Here are some of them:

  • Added follow button to user's profile. Now you can get notified when a friend starts learning something new!
  • Now you can invite your friends to join you in watching a video simply by entering their email address in the invitation box! It'll take you less than 10 seconds to learn with your friends.
  • Now when you scroll down in a video, it moves the video to the right sidebar so the player is always in front of you.
  • I've removed the social share buttons from the sidebar and added a share button at the top left to make the UI cleaner.

Let me know what you think!

Thanks for your amazing feedback,

New features in v1.0.308

Posted by Siavash Mahmoudian on 05/17/2017

Hi Everyone!

Today I've released our global search!

It searches everything including discussions, notes, videos, channels and tracks! Making videos searchable was always one of the main goals in Hexib, now you can easily search notes and when you click on them it'll take you exactly to the moment of the video where the note was taken!

You can also filter it to search only items created by you.

Here is how it looks like:

Let me know what you think.


New features in v1.0.302

Posted by Siavash Mahmoudian on 05/11/2017

Hi There —

Now you can share a particular Note or Section by hovering over it, clicking on ... and picking Share option.

You can use the Share link or share it directly to social media platforms. Clicking on the link will bring the visitor right to the Note and will highlight the shared Note.

Here is how the Share modal looks like:

And here is how it'll look like for visitors who click on the link:

Thanks for all the valuable feedback,

New features in v1.0.296

Posted by Siavash Mahmoudian on 05/08/2017

Hi Everyone,

I've done lots of changes in past few days!

Here are some of the bigger ones:

  • I've added like button to all notes.
  • Now when you hover over a note, it'll highlight it in the video progress bar.
  • I've moved the placement of reactions. Now you can easily react to a moment right in the notes section.
  • The video progress bar now looks way cleaner and different types of engagements (Notes, Discussions, Reactions) are shown differently in the progress bar.

Here is how the new progress bar and note form look like:

New features in v1.0.294

Posted by Siavash Mahmoudian on 05/05/2017

Hi Everyone!

In past few days, I've improved the user profile and added several small changes based on your feedback.

The biggest change in this cut was merging Note and Section (Table of Content) since it was confusing. Users didn't know when to use section and when to use notes.

Currently, you can easily change the type to Note or Section from the comment box. I'm still working on improving user experience around note taking.


New features in v1.0.292

Posted by Siavash Mahmoudian on 04/30/2017

Hi Everyone!

We just released the new user profile. Now when you go to a profile you can see what they've watched recently as well as their statistics, and channels! You'll only see the videos and channels that you have access to.

Here is how it looks like:

Let me know what you think!

New features in v1.0.290

Posted by Siavash Mahmoudian on 04/25/2017

Hi Everyone —

Now channel owners can send email notifications to all their subscribers when they add new video.

The email includes video title, image, a custom message from Channel owner and latest engagements around the video. Channel owners can send a test email to themselves before sending it to their subscribers.

To try the feature, go to a video you've added in your channel, click on ... and click on Notify Subscribers.


New features in v1.0.287

Posted by Siavash Mahmoudian on 04/23/2017

Hi Everyone —

Since last update I've improved the user dashboard by a lot. Now you can recognize which channels are private from the lock icon next to them, and I've changed the presentation for enrolled Tracks and Stats Graph so it gives you more information.

The biggest change is that now you can invite anyone to your channels by going to your channel, clicking on ... and picking Manage Members. You can invite existing users by their username or new users by their email address! Hexib will send them an email notification and it'll take them 10 seconds to join your Channel (Study Group) and you're all set to learn together!

Here is how manage Channel members looks right now:

Next step will be to let users add custom messages while adding members, being able to add multiple members at the same time. Also different roles for members will be released soon!

Have a great rest of the weekend!

New features in v1.0.285

Posted by Siavash Mahmoudian on 04/21/2017

Hi Everyone —

Today I've implemented the first version of User Dashboard.

It includes channels you own, channels you're following and tracks you're enrolled in. It also tells you how many hours you've watched educational videos this month, today and shows a daily graph of this month's learning minutes.

More over you'll be able to find latest activities in the channels you're following! Let me know what you think about it and what's missing.

Here is how User Dashboard looks so far:

New features in v1.0.90

Posted by Siavash Mahmoudian on 04/02/2017

Hi Everyone!

I had lots of time to work on this project during the weekend! Full 2 days actually.

Here are some of the bigger changes:

  • I've figured out different types of content should not be separated from each other, so I've merged everything into one type, called items. And instead of having different buttons for adding a content, now you will have one button called "Add external content", and then based on the link you enter, it detects the type, whether it's a Video, Article or Product and it imports the item! So instead of having multiple forms, there is only one form, and it looks like this:

  • So basically you just enter the link, it detects the type, and brings the Title and Description automatically!
  • Implemented lots of new unit tests! I was a little bit lazy on implementing unit tests for some sections. Now the product is a lot more covered.
  • Draggable comment target in Videos! Now when you want to comment on a Video you can easily drag the target time! It's way easier to put comments. Also it auto detects when to show the target time picker and when to hide it.
  • And finally! Now we have track statistics! Basically you can see who enrolled in a track and what's their status on every single item in a track! Here is how it looks like:

New features in v1.0.81

Posted by Siavash Mahmoudian on 03/28/2017

Hi there —

Here are the new features in this version:

  • Previously users who were not logged in could not see online users. In this cut I've added the ability for anonymous users to see live actions. Also other users can see anonymous users when they are online!
  • Added online users to Product and Post types.
  • Added import channel button, so users can import the whole channel into one track.
  • Some SEO improvements to items.

Thanks for being with me,


New features in v1.0.73

Posted by Siavash Mahmoudian on 03/27/2017

Hi Everyone —

Here are some of the new features I've added:

  • I've put all extra actions in different sections under "..." icon. The UI is way cleaner in Video and Posts.
  • Added a new item type called Product. So now you can add Books or other learning goods to the tracks!
  • Now you can Enroll to a track!

That's it for now!

Wish me luck,

New features in v1.0.71

Posted by Siavash Mahmoudian on 03/25/2017

Here are the new features added:

  • Now you can enroll tracks! Simply login and click on Enroll!
  • Also I've built a new UI when you are inside a track! For now I'm calling it "Track Mode". It removes all extra stuff from UI and you'll only see a side bar with all the items inside the track and the content!

Here is how the release note track looks like:

New features in v1.0.70

Posted by Siavash Mahmoudian on 03/23/2017

Hi everyone!

Here is the list of recently added features:

  • Added chat feature to articles.
  • UI improvements to chat/comments input. I've added buttons for Emoji, Hashtag and @Mention features so you can access them easier.

  • Now you can add articles to a track!
  • Reading time! Now the system guests how many minutes it'll take you to read an article. We use this value to calculate the whole length of a track as well.
  • Now instead of creating a content in a Channel and adding it to a track afterward, you can create and add an item right inside a track.
  • UI improvements for showing articles inside a track.

Thanks for using the system,


New features in v1.0.68

Posted by Siavash Mahmoudian on 03/21/2017

Here is the release notes for this cut:

  • Introducing the fullscreen mode! Now you can go to full screen mode for videos and still engage around it!
  • Import articles from other websites.
  • Added basic LTI support. Now you can embed a track inside Moodle, Blackboard or Canvas. Still needs lots of work to be fully integrated.

Wish me luck,


New features in v1.0.64

Posted by Siavash Mahmoudian on 03/19/2017

Here are new items in this cut:

  • Lots of UI improvements to tracks.
  • Added track duration.
  • Now you can chat around a particular track.
  • Now the track owner can add pre requisites and what you will learn to a track.
  • Added different tabs for each type in the channel. Also added items count for each type.

I hope you'll enjoy the new changes!

New features in v1.0.54

Posted by Siavash Mahmoudian on 03/18/2017

Hi Everyone —

Here is a list of what I did in this cut:

  • I've replaced all ids with slugs for better SEO. Also implemented a script to generate slug for all older content.
  • Redirected id urls to slug urls.
  • Improved channel APIs.
  • Added pagination, auto load more.
  • Added the type link. So now you can add a link to a Channel. So now you can add Link, Article and Videos to Channels. (For now I might disable link, until the UI gets better)
  • Added remember me functionality so the system uses cookie as well as session to remember logged in user.

Have fun and wish me luck,

New features in v1.0.40

Posted by Siavash Mahmoudian on 03/15/2017

Hey All —

Here are some new stuff I've added to the system:

  • Added Emoji autocomplete! Just type in : in comments and then it'll show you the autocomplete.
  • Added @mention support! Just type in @ in comments and it'll autocomplete based on name and username.
  • Added hashtag support! Just type in # in comments and it'll autocomplete tags. This way you can easily tag items and people can see those items based on tags.

  • Added tags pages to browse tags. (Not visible to public yet.)
  • Added emoji, @mention and hashtag support to description of videos!
  • Redirect user to where they were after login or logout.

New features in v1.0.39

Posted by Siavash Mahmoudian on 03/11/2017

Hi Everyone!

In this version I've released following items:

  • Now you're able to remove your comments.
  • You can see a support url at the footer.
  • Lots of bug fixes in video progress tracker.
  • Added the duration of videos in the list view.

That's it for now!

New features in v1.0.32

Posted by Siavash Mahmoudian on 03/08/2017

Hi All —

I've just finished implementing the new Reaction feature! Now you can show your reactions around a part of the video!

We will use this to measure quality of videos and channels and currently the stats viewer looks like this:

We'll have lots of improvements on how we collect information around a video and how we show it. Right now I'm just testing this feature to figure out what reactions should be there and how we can collect it at the right moment.

Let me know what you think in the Contact page.

New features in v1.0.26

Posted by Siavash Mahmoudian on 03/06/2017

Hi Everyone!

In past few days I got so many feedbacks and I'm very grateful for that.

Based on the feedbacks I've added these new features:

  • Now you can build private channels! This feature is very useful for people who want to take note or track videos for themselves.
  • Now Hexib keeps track of how many minutes you've watched everyday and month. I've also added a leaderboard which shows top learners of the month!
  • When you enter the link of a video, Hexib will fetch the title and description of the video automatically.

Thank you for being part of this story,


New features in v1.0.19

Posted by Siavash Mahmoudian on 03/03/2017

Here are the new features in this version:

  • Featured Channels
  • New look for homepage
  • Emoji support! It's not fully implemented yet, but you can use :smile: in the comments and it'll work. Next step is to add Emoji picker.

Thanks for being part of this story!

Wish me luck.

New features in v1.0.14

Posted by Siavash Mahmoudian on 03/01/2017

Hi all

I've decided to add this section so I can introduce new features or changes in each cut.

As I've said I want you to be part of this story. This way you'll get an update of whats happening here.

In this cut I've added the "New Features!" section, which is what you're looking at right now.

Here are some other items added in this cut:

  • Added follow option in channel lists.
  • Removed create a channel when you're not logged in.
  • Added the current version in the footer.

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